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Mr. D Studio WordPress and and Design Work

These are Projects Mr. D Studios has completed for clients in various sectors of business. WordPress based websites for coffee shops, clean energy contractors, and athletic events. Graphic Design from window cleaners to comedians. Brand Identity for businesses ranging from clothing stores to automotive body shops.  Mr. D Studios has the skills and resources to meet any need that a small business owner or entrepreneur may encounter.

Why WordPress?

I use wordpress for client sites for several reasons.

  • It is easily teachable to new users. WordPress is centered around an easy to learn system.
  • 23% of all websites in the world are wordpress based.That’s about 60 Million world wide.
  • Highly customizable. There is a way to do almost anything you can imagine with the wordpress platform.
  • It’s Quick. If a business owner wants to make changes they can. Quckly, easily, and safely.

Graphic Design Services

Aside from wordpress based websites, Mr. D Studios also handles a full range of graphic design needs. Many small businesses rely on more than just a business card to start. They need stationary, signage, and many other products. Mr. D studios knows and understands. With an entrepreneur/business analysis, Mr. D Studios works directly with the business owner to establish not only what Graphic Design needs they have, but also how to solve them.


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