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  • 03 Jul
    03 Jul

    Clean Energy Resources Clean Energy Resources is a centralized hub based around helping clients apply the idea of renewable clean energy to their home or business. With years of experience and a broad network within the energy and environmental sectors, Clean Energy resources can plan and mange any form of clean energy implementation that comes to mind.

  • 01 Jul
    01 Jul

    Apocalypse Run The Apocalypse Run is a themed mud/obstacle 5k run. It is designed for beginner and intermediate level mud runners. The short 5k distance over both roads and trails, with 7-10 low difficulty obstacles, provides an excellent opportunity for the runner who has been wanting to try their feet at a mud/obstacle run. The run starts on September 13th.

  • 29 Jun
    29 Jun

    Sanborn Inspired Typography These typographical designs were made based on the Sanborn Insuance map covers of the late 1800s and early 1900s. The maps were used for fire zoning, in many counties across the country. They average on a size of 2’x3′ and were hand drawn.  

  • 29 Jun
    29 Jun

    Fahnestock Photography Fahnestock photography is the professional portfolio site of Ian Fahnestock. Ian is known for not only his great portrait photography, but also his conceptual and surreal pieces. Ian wanted a simple clean layout, with minimum extra elements in the design.

  • 28 Jun
    28 Jun

    Hotel Tidioute The Hotel Tidioute is a bar and tavern in Tidioute, Pennsylvania. The bar is more than 300 years old, and is officially designated a historical landmark. The bar has also been featured on The History Channel’s American Pickers.

  • 06 May
    06 May

    Corey Associates, LLC. From medical to military to automotive to appliance to communication and a number of niche markets,CAI’s business approach is fresh, healthy and growing. This helps ensure CAI’s ability to offer optimal value to our customers across the globe. + Sensor and Control Devices + HVAC + Telecommunication + Electra-Mechanical Apparatus + Automotive + Computer + US Military + Machinery and Equipment + Photonics +Medical and Surgical Devices + Testing and Diagnostic Devices and Instruments + Commercial Appliance Corey Associates, Inc. is a full service manufacturer and designer of custom cable and wire harness assemblies, leads, cord sets, connector assemblies, electro-mechanical assemblies, from prototype to production of low to high volume requirements.

  • 05 May
    05 May

    Rodney Diehl – 3D Modeling Rodney Diehl is a freelance 3D Model builder specializing in vehicles. Rodney asked for a logo that was based on his personality. “Redneck-ish and classic, with a splash of trucker.” He loved it.

  • 05 May
    05 May

    Emerson Autobody This is a branding package for an auto-body garage in Corry, PA. They are in the process of acquiring a business license; however, they needed a business plan and logo before they could file for a business license. The owner wanted it to have a vintage race, grand prix feel.

  • 04 May
    04 May

      Betty Bones Inc. I created the logo for Betty Bones, a modern pinup fashion company. The logo is based around the vintage “Betty Bones” of old school pinup art. There is a great selection of pinup accessories, genuinely good people, and clothing that is definitely worth a look. A lot of the apparel for sell is hand crafted by the owner, Savannah Bree.

  • 04 May
    04 May

    Steel City Windows Steel City Windows is a commercial window cleaning service in the Pittsburgh area. They work in both the Downtown and Oakland districts of Pittsburgh. The type is designed to look like glass with the background being a reference to the company’s main area of business, Downtown Pittsburgh, PA. The owner of the business asked for a rainy appearance to the image of Pittsburgh that is the background. The card is designed for one sided printing.  

  • 15 Apr
    15 Apr

    Overcome Overcome is a very strong word. Originally it was meant to be a wooden sign.  The design concept is simple one word motivation. Overcome means to to successfully deal with or gain control of (something difficult).

  • 05 Apr
    05 Apr

    Powerline Is a rockabilly band based out of Oil City PA.

  • 02 Apr
    02 Apr

    This poster design is based around the same era as“The Great Gatsby.”

  • 29 Mar
    29 Mar

    These illustrations were created for the Blue Canoe Brewery in Titusville, Pennsylvania.

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